Civilian Version

Several manufacturers have put a similar stainless steel 3 blade clasp knife on the Australian market and these were available through various sporting outlets. The thing most notable with them is that they do not have an acceptance mark /I\ or a NATO Stores Number (NSN) marked on them.

Shelham 3 Blade Clasp Knife

Sheldon and Hammond a major cutlery importer in to Australia supplied the Australian Defence Forces with the Shelham marked stainless steel 3 blade clasp knife for many years. They also distributed the same knife without any military marks or NSN. These clasp knives were readily available in a variety of outlets. These knives were marked Japan and Shelham on the tang.

Other Japanese 3 Blade Clasp Knives

At least one other stainless steel 3 blade clasp knife has been noted with only the word Japan stamped on the tang.

Other 3 Blade Clasp Knives

I have noted one completely unmarked 3 blade clasp knife that was lighter in construction and not as well made as the previous civilian examples I have mentioned. I believe it was made in China.


I have made this entry because from time to time I see these unmarked Stainless Steel 3 Blade Clasp Knives offered as Australian Army knives. I have had information that some of these unmarked knives were issued to Defence Force members. However; this is the exception rather than the rule. I would suggest that unless the seller can provide some good evidence (provenance) to the origins of the knife that the collector be wary of accepting it as Army issue. Correctly marked stainless steel 3 blade clasp knives are still readily available and not expensive.

Note I would appreciate any information on the unmarked stainless steel 3 blade clasp knife that anyone can provide. Please .