Private Purchase

The following clasp knife sold on Ebay on 19 Feb 2009.
I have no reason to doubt the description. If it is correct, it is a wonderful little piece of history.
The description for the knife was :

Research reveals that 14258 Dvr W.M Stott ( William Mcgregor Stott ) enlisted 10/4/16 At Kadina South Australia and returned to Australia 12/7/19
Dvr W.M. Stott served in the 1st A.A.M.T.C A.I.F, and was later transferred to the Australian Flying Corps where he was taken on strength 7/11/17
Knife has been engraved by the original soldier (see photo's)

Knife has 3 functions to it
1: large knife
2: smaller knife
3: can puncher

There are no makers markings that I have been able to find or see

WW1 Clasp Knife

WW1 Clasp Knife

WW1 Clasp Knife

This knife does not comply with any of the known patterns of clasp knives approved for issue to British soldiers during WW1. I am only aware of a single pattern with metal scales, the pattern 9401/1917 Clasp Knife, and that designation has been attributed to a different knife.

There are two possible explanations for this knife.

  • That it was a civilian clasp knife and entered military service as a "Private Purchase" item.
  • That this was an "Owner Modification" of an existing issue knife either because of damage to the scales or as a "Trench Art" project to alleviate the boredom of life in the trenches.

If anyone has any information about any WW1 knives issued to, or used by Australian Servicemen or Women; please .