Tatham Clasp Knives

Only first pattern clasp knives have been identified as having been made by Tatham. Not all of the Tatham knives are marked with a makers mark. Examples exist that carry only the Inspectors mark. However these knives are readily identified not only by the Inspectors mark but also by similar characteristcs which are common to Tatham clasp knives.

This knife is slightly heavier than the other first pattern clasp knives. The most significant difference with this knife is that it usually has a steel shackle, however one with a brass shackle is known.

Tatham First Pattern Clasp Knife
Tatham 1st Pattern Clasp Knife

Tatham First Pattern Clasp Knife makers mark
The makers mark is located on the LHS of the tin opener.

Tatham clasp knife without makers mark.

Unmarked all metal canoe body clasp knife by Tatham
The only marks on these clasp knives are located on the marline spike.

Mark on marlin spike   the above knife

Mark on marlin spike other example