Unknown Australian maker

The knife shown here has no brand on it and very few marks at all. The only marks I can find are a pheon "/I\" and an "R" on the marline spike. These marks are hard to determine because it appears that they have been struck with a flat stamp and not one shaped to fit the marline spike

I have obtained several specimens of this knife, all here in Australia.

It has an all metal canoe shaped body which is a distinctive Australian feature.

The knife shown here differs slightly from the other clasp knives known to have been produced in Australia during WW2. All of the First Pattern clasp knives that I have examined are dimensionally very similar to each other. This knife is heavier in construction and weight. The screwdriver is wider, the tin opener differs slightly and the main blade is deeper.

This knife also has a steel shackle as do most of the examples seen so far. However an example with a brass shackle has recently been found.

If anyone has any information on these knives I would appreciate it if you would please and let me know.

Unknown Australian maker all metal canoe body clasp knife

The only marks on this model knife are located on the marline spike.
Mark on marlin spike  Mark on marlin spike
(L) the above knife (R) other example