Divers Knives

Diving knives have been issued to the RAN divers and to specialist Army units.
The heavy duty knife such as the one by Siebe Gorman was on issue to various units up until the 1980's and may still be held in stores.
More recently lighter style diving knives have been used

Greg Steel

This knife most likely dates to WW2.

Greg Steel divers knife
This Greg Steel divers knife sold at auction several years ago. I would appreciate it if the current owner would contact me so that I may get some better images of it.

Siebe Gorman

The only recent example I have seen does not carry acceptance marks.

Siebe Gorman divers knife
This Siebe Gorman Divers Knife is in the Glaister Collection.

Markings on the Knife
Siebe Gorman mark on the divers knife