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Knife Collecting
  • "Australian Knife Magazine"   Australian Magazine dedicated Australian Knife Makers and Collectors.
  • Collectable Antique Sheffield Knives   This website consists of a series of Collector Notes related to the broad topic of “Collectable Antique Sheffield Knives” (CASK).
  • Camillus, Quality knives since 1876   This web site is dedicated to those whom made Camillus knives and to those whom still love them
  • The Gerber Mk II knife   This web site has everything you would ever want to know about the Gerber Mk II knife. A must visit for Gerber afficiondo's
  • John Gibsons Collection of Military Knives
  • Schrades r Us   This set of web pages is dedicated to the knives and other items made by the Schrade families of knife craftsmen and craftswomen over the last 100 years
  • Sharyn's Antique & Collectable Knife Page   Unfortunately, no longer being updated. Hopefully Sharyn will put up a new site soon.
  • E. W. Stone   This site belongs to Bill Stone who is the son of EW Stone who created the Skull Knuckle Knife in WW2. There are some very interesting knives shown on this site including several Australian knives.
  • Frank Trzaska's U. S. Military Knives   Further Studies on the United States Military Knife, Bayonet, Machete and Associated Books.
  • US Military Fighting Knives   The private collection of Bill Walters, researcher, collector and writer who has some exceptional knives in his collection.
  • Wilkinson FS Collection   Fairbairn-Sykes knife collectors know that Wilkinson Sword Co Ltd was the first and most important of all those who made this fine fighting knife. This site, lovingly put together by Roy Shadbolt, is devoted to the Wilkinsons and the Fairbairn Sykes knife. It is an important reference for FS collectors and a good read for everyone else!

Knife Forums

Knife Making
  • Australian Knife Makers Guild   Quality custom knife making is alive and well in Australia.
  • Riflebirdknives   Handmade Knives by Warrick Edmonds.
  • Sinclair Knives   I strive to create very high quality custom handmade knives and tools from my small but well-equipped workshop in the southern suburbs of Western Australia.


  • MultiTool.Org   This is a great site for Collectors of Multitools and it has Forum with very helpful members.
  • MultiTool Encylclopedia   For anything you want to know abou MutliTools

Arms and Militaria

Miscellaneous Sites

  • Australian War Memorial   Every Australian should visit this Museum as a child and then as an adult and then bring their children back there!
  • Australian Army Infantry Museum (AAIM)   The custodian of Infantry Corps history and its customs and traditions. The Museum collection ranges from the colonial armies and their first deployments overseas in the nineteenth century through to today's twenty first century diggers.
  • Army Museum of Western Australia   To collect, conserve, and exhibit the history of the Army in Western Australia, and Western Australians in the Army
  • Marybororough Military and Colonial Museum   Well worth a visit. Lovely little museum.
  • RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre   Public Open Days are always free of charge and occur on the third Sunday of each month
  • RAAF Museum Point Cook   The Royal Australian Air Force Museum is located at RAAF Base Point Cook, near Melbourne
  • Special Air Service Historical Foundation   Unfortunately, the SAS Historical Collection is not open to the general public. However, visits by appointment may be made for schools and other eligible organisations.
  • Temora Aviation Museum   Inspires the community to acknowledge the role played by Australia’s historic ex-military aircraft, and encourages visitors to learn and be inspired through its collection of aircraft to remember the efforts of the men and women who flew and supported them during times of conflict.

Military Associations

  • My Black Powder Rifles   My Muzzle loading rifles and accessories made for them
  • Australian Clay Target Association   The Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) is responsible for administrating, promoting and developing the sport of clay target shooting.
  • National Shooting Council   The National Shooting Council is Australia’s peak political and lobbying group for shooters and shooting organisations who are sick and tired of the political attacks on what we do.
  • Pistol Australia   Pistol Australia is the premier target pistol shooting association in Australia with the sole right to field target pistol shooting teams to represent Australia
  • South Australian Revolver and Pistol Association   The principal body for sport pistol shooting in South Australia
  • Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia   The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) was established in 1948 in order to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners’ interests
  • Target Rifle Australia   Target Rifle Australia Limited is the organisation responsible for the Olympic & Paralympic sports of Smallbore & Air Rifle Shooting.

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