Utility Knives


The distinctive Australian Army Utility Knife was designed and manufactured in Australia during WW2. WW2 purchase records of the Australian Government show that large quantites of these knives were supplied by various makers. Very little is known about what units they were issued to. Only a couple of photographs exist showing them in use. If anyone has any WW2 photographs showing these knives being worn or used I would appreciate hearing from them.

The Utility knife was also supplied to US forces during WW2. These knives have US markings on them.

They are often referred to as an Australian Commando Knife and sometimes as a Fighting Knife. I have often felt that these descriptions are applied to knives at Auctions or sales rooms where vendors are trying to enhance the desirability of the knife. The Australian Army Stiletto is the knife that was made for the WW2 Australian Commandos.

This knife was produced as a general purpose knife, hence the term "Utility Knife".

Australian Army Utility Knives  Australian Army Utility Knives were issued to Australian Service Personnel, and supplied to the US forces for issue to their troops as well.

Other Utility Knives  Other Utility Knives came in to the possession of Australian Service Personnel by swapping and private purchase.

Post WW2

Since WW2 little consideration has been given to the issue of any sort of Utility Knife to Australian Defence Forces personnel. Most of the knives that have been aquired for the various services have been sourced from overseas. None of them appear to have any form of Australian military or government acceptance markings.

Many a private purchase has filled the need for a decent utility knife as it seems to be a requirement apparently not shared with current military planners.

Post WW2 Utility Knives  Utility Knives made in Australia issued to or obtained by Australian Service Personnel since WW2.

Post WW2 Utility Knives  Utility Knives from elsewhere issued to or obtained by Australian Service Personnel since WW2.