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The Australian Military Knives Web Page.

This site is dedicated to the manufacturers and the men and woman of the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force and the forces of the allied nations who carried and used Australian made knives in the defence of our freedoms.

If you don't already know the names Barker, Carr Fast, East Bros, Greg Steel, Mars, Marsden, Scott Trojan, Stirling and Whittingslowe, you are about to be introduced to them! They were prominent among the Australian manufacturers who made these Military and Fighting knives.

The aim of this site is to become a resource to collectors of Australian Military Knives. It has been the intention to cover all of the operational knives used by the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Is it a complete reference? Sadly, no. The very nature of the subject being studied means that it can only ever be a work in progress. All I can ever hope to do is build on my knowledge and that of other collectors. Please be patient, this site may very well contain some errors, this is to be expected. Sometimes things hinge on an interpretation, but if I have made a mistake or you have more definitive information, please and let me know.

Are only Australian made knives listed? No! I have included other blade ware, no matter where it was made, whether it be issue or private purchase.

Sorry! wont be doing anything on bayonets, but you will find some links for bayonet collectors on the Links page.

All resource's on this site are the property of myself, John Kroezen, or have been acknowledged to their owner, or have come from the public domain. If anyone sees any item on this web site to which they hold ownership, please and it will be acknowledged or removed if you wish.

The only guarantees that I can give to the accuracy and reliability of the information on this site, is, that it has been compiled with good faith and after careful evaluation of available material. Sometimes contradictory information has been found. Anyone who wishes to use any information contained in this site must be aware of this and use any such information with care.

The original work contained in this web site is the Intellectual Property of myself, John Kroezen and is copyright to me. Any person who is involved in Edged Tools research or the collecting of, may freely use any of the original images and information within this site provided that they acknowledge this site. A link to this site would be appreciated.

Please and let me know where the information is being used. Any person who uses any information and original images from this site must make them freely available to similar researchers. No person is authorised to use any information from this site for commercial purposes or to charge a fee for it.

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